Understand user needs and their product and brand knowledge

Posted on 3 February 2021 Conjoint.ly

How can you make more guided decisions to pair your consumers’ product knowledge with targeted advertising campaigns? A Usage & Attitude (U&A) study with Segmentation can help you better understand your consumers’ motivations and purchasing behaviour.

U&A studies offer comprehensive and strategic coverage to include both customers and non-customers in your market.

Conduct your U&A study with Conjoint.ly if you want to:

  • Understand the market by identifying consumption patterns for a category or brand, e.g. consumer knowledge, perceptions, beliefs, intentions, actual behaviours, and intended behaviours.
  • Identify trends by uncovering what consumers value.
  • Find potential opportunities, such as unmet needs, at a particular time to help develop communications with segmentation appeal, strengths, weaknesses, and any gaps in the offering.

Understand consumers’ decision-making process

Identify and understand consumer usage, needs, attitudes, habits, and inclinations by focusing on who, what, where, when, how, why, and product satisfaction and dissatisfaction. Pinpoint the consumption patterns and market trends of your product or service at any given moment in time. Gain consumer insights into how behaviour and usage of your brand weighs up against competitors. Uncover what influences consumer preference for specific brands.

Reason for using vitamin supplements

Customer profiling – customer segmentation

Satisfy your loyal customers’ needs by using profiling to understand the factors that drive their purchasing decisions. Launch a customer segmentation study to uncover additional information about consumption and attitudes for specific demographics. Drive market positioning and elevate your product and brand features to gain new and loyal customers.

Consumer segmentation

Ask the important questions

Discover consumers’ awareness of brand and advertising. Determine their purchasing frequency across different brands, products, SKUs, and channels, considering the impact of promotional offers and discounts. Identify gaps between both your and your competitors’ performance and needs and seek feedback on potential developments in the market.

Assess the effectiveness of your advertising through recognition measures and consumer feedback to gauge your brand/product image’s performance. Target your brand/category with specific questions and take advantage of comprehensive response analysis that covers demographic, behavioural, and attitudinal data.

Frequency of consumption

Find the right sample

Sample 500+ consumers from your category, adding potential consumers or a larger sample if needed. Source an audience that is demographically representative of category consumers, or use more specific targeting if you have a particular niche.

Survey sample

Conjoint.ly uncovers purchasing intent for vitamin supplements among elderly in USA

HealthCo is a major pharmaceutical brand in the USA. With COVID-19 raising greater health concerns for the elderly, HealthCo would like to understand older people’s current usage of vitamin supplements and their attitudes towards them.

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As part of the strategy review, the insights team would like to test current vitamin users or considers to find out:

  • What motivates consumers’ purchasing decisions?
  • What are the biggest influencers on consumers’ purchasing decisions?


  • HealthCo surveyed more than 300 respondents over the age of 55 in the USA to understand their usage and attitudes, via a U&A study.
  • Most consumers are motivated by personal concerns and seek general vitamins and minerals boost, with most taking Multivitamins and Vitamin D tablets.
  • Price, ingredients, and ease of use are the biggest influencers on purchasing decisions.
  • Findings were immediately available upon completion of the study.

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