Leverage human and AI content creation to create branding, concepts, and advertising assets at a large scale.


Run Market Tests to discover winning ideas, branding, and marketing assets.


Use your product and marketing materials with confidence, standing out from the competition.

Test your generated content with real humans

Generated content may be ready to revolutionise the way we do business, but its outputs aren’t always perfect. This is where the need for testing with real humans comes in, to provide valuable consumer feedback while also identifying flaws that may not be apparent to AI tools.

Market tests are an easy way to test both AI and human-generated content with 100 real consumers. Receive results within two hours, helping you to identify what consumers like, dislike, areas of improvement, and more.

Streamline your creative testing with Market Tests

  • Launch a market test within minutes.
  • Receive real consumer insights in under two hours.
  • Evaluate performance against benchmarks.
  • Digest open-ended feedback through AI summaries.
  • Share your results with relevant stakeholders.
Market Test Outputs

Who are the people giving feedback?

Market tests use an industry-standard sample of the US general population, commonly used in market research and political poling.

Each test includes:

  • 100 USA-based respondents,
  • An equal gender split,
  • Age quotas reflective of the general population.

Gather feedback from 100 real people

Affordable and agile testing

Market Tests are designed with agile processes in mind, making them both affordable and quick to fit seamlessly into your content generation process.

Starting at just USD 99 per test, these tests offer results in under two hours, making them a perfect fit for any content development cycle.

There are no separate charges for AI-based text analysis, software licence, or sample.

OCMR Report Preview

Be confident in your content before release

Looking to gauge reactions to your new marketing assets, concepts, or designs before launching? Conducting market tests can help you stay in tune with general sentiments towards your content.

By gathering feedback from a diverse consumer base, you can identify issues early on and make the necessary adjustments to align with your brand’s values and messaging, ensuring that the content resonates with your target audience before its public release.

Be confident in your content before release

Why are Market Tests so fast?

Market Tests deliver results in under two hours, thanks to:

  • The use of the state of the art Conjointly platform eliminating time-consuming processes.
  • General population sampling being time efficient, even with stringent quotas and quality checks put in place.

Market Test Outputs

Launch a market test from your application

The Conjointly API enables you to interact with the platform from any application through code, which includes the ability to launch a market test.

Launch a market test from your application