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Posted on 4 November 2020

Claims testing is a research methodology that allows you to identify the most convincing claims for your brand or product category through a variety.

Claims effectively communicate why consumers should choose your product and what makes it stand out in a world of growing brand competition. Whether you’re boasting all-natural ingredients, an amazing new flavour, or the latest scientifically-proven formula, claims are important – and even more now than ever.

With an increasing sense of brand indifference and demand for product transparency, organisations must devise strategic and effective claims that they can be confident will resonate with consumers, and claims testing is a proven way to achieve this.

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Know what features your customers want

Which product features are worth focusing on? Identify your consumers unmet wants and needs to create more appealing offerings. Understanding your market drives growth opportunities and allows you to better allocate time and budget to the features that really matter.

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Claims ranking - likes and dislikes

Maximise reach and potential

Product claims play a major role in consumers’ purchasing decisions. Discover how consumers rank a series of your potential claims and their individual brand associations. This helps you align your chosen claim with your target audience’s preferences. Deep dive into consumers’ detailed thoughts on each claim using open-ended feedback.

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Product claims brand associations

Choose packaging options most preferred by consumers

Changes to packaging design can make or break your loyal customer base. Testing assesses your packaging options on memorability, fit with brand, appeal, purchase intent, and other metrics. Learn what consumers like and dislike about your design to strengthen your pack’s performance.

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Best claims for package design

Compare performance of different claims combinations against competitors

Testing a product with several different claims can be difficult as individual testing can produce inaccurate results. Make confident decisions about which claims combinations to use by testing them together. Uncover which types of claims work best and how consumers respond to different combinations to find the most popular option.

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Claims combination testing helps Dairy Producer understand the importance of UK grown soy versus “organic” certification

Dairy Co is a global yogurt manufacturer. Due to increasing demand for soy product in the UK, Dairy Co’s strategy team would like to launch a soya-based yogurt. In designing the product, Dairy Co’s ponders the need for “organic” versus “UK grown” as a trait.


Launching a new product requires a significant investment, and as such, Dairy Co would like to understand:

  • How important is UK grown soya beans to consumers?
  • Is “organic” certification important for soya-based yogurt?


  • Claims Test confirmed that the top claim was most certainly “Made from UK grown soy”. The claim performed well in all diagnostics aspects of naturalness, healthiness, and credibility. It also has strong brand association with Dairy Co.
  • The study provided agile and actionable insights to help Dairy Co understand the importance of UK grown soy versus “organic” certification.
  • Dairy Co proceeded to launch Soya-based yogurt without “organic” certification and invested in sourcing UK grown soy.

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You get agency-quality results at a fraction of the cost and time investment. One powerful end-to-end platform for insights teams for fast and reliable market research.

Get answers to questions about features and claims studies. Our team will help your insights team understand consumers and make confident decisions.

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Understand claims research in detail

How to Test Claims for Consumer Products

Learn about types of claims and the ways to test them in this introduction to claims research.

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Methodology Behind Claims Test

The methodology behind our Claims Test too is based on a proven choice-based technique & was refined through multiple projects for FMCG brands.

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Product Claims In CPG/FMCG

In this workshop Nik discussed the topic of, “What shall we say on the pack”? He provided a clear refreshed view on claims testing for your next CPG launch or revamp.

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