Predictive Product Test

Prediction Markets on has now been sunsetted. This research method has been a fun experiment in itself, but we have not had sufficient interest to develop it further. Thank you for your interest in it.’s predictive product test offers the ability to test new product concepts and validate market demand before launching your product. This market research method has been proven to identify new trends or ground-breaking concepts better than traditional method of testing.’s Predictive Product Test offers:

Predicts key product launch success factors

Ideal for high-level pre-launch testing of new product concepts

Simple to set up

Yet powered by complex analytics and behavioural science

Engaged respondents through gamification

Works both for general population and industry specialists

Bring your own respondents or buy quality-assured panel respondents from us (learn more)

Pre-translated for or translate for any other country

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Key outputs

Predictions for key success factors

Predictions for key success factors

Report will summarise respondents' predictions on key product success questions:

Will people be interested to buy?

Will it be better than the competition?

Will it be a commercial success?

Rationales for predictions

Rationales for predictions

Understand the reasons why people think a product will be successful or not. Each respondent will explain their bet and other respondents will vote to identify most convincing reasons.

How it works

Set-up interface for prediction markets

Set up study with our simple wizard interface

Follow a step-by-step process to design your product test. If you need to customise anything, you can edit the test as a Prediction Market after saving it.

Monitor data collection

Choose respondents and collect answers

Bring your own respondents or get them from our panels. Most studies are complete within a day. Track progress and access preliminary reports during data collection.

Automated analysis of predictions

Automated analysis within a minute of completion

Get the predictions, rationale for such predictions, betting summary, and consensus graph. Learn more.