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Packaging design is known as one of the most powerful factors that can influence the total sales performance of a product. Whether it’s an on-the-shelf product or a range of online services, the overall “look and feel” matters to consumers and is often a sign of the quality and value of a product being offered. As such, conducting consumer research can be extremely advantageous to the design process, especially when completed in the early stages.

By gathering consumer reactions to package designs ahead of a large-scale product launch or a rebranding exercise, you can confidently release products with designs that will stimulate purchase intent among your potential buyers. Avoid making costly mistakes and get fresh, unbiased opinions to make an informed decision on your package designs. The Package Test is used for:

  • Finding the best design for your product packaging.
  • Comparing respondent attitudes to each package.
  • Benchmarking packages against good performers.
  • Receiving feedback regarding what respondents liked or disliked about your packages.

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Comparison of packages tested

Comparison of packages tested

How does each package perform relative to the others?

Several KPIs will be measured for each package, including:

  • Likelihood of respondents purchasing the product.
  • How convenient and environmentally friendly the package looks.
  • Purchase frequency and channel of purchase.
  • How much respondents expect the product to be priced in comparison to other packages.
  • How respondents would rate the quality of the packaging.

Taken together, these KPIs show how well this package performs relative to benchmarks.

Package associations

Package associations

What are the first things that come to mind upon seeing this package?

​​Determine how well a potential package will fit with your business by examining the associations that consumers make with the package. Discover how consumers really think and feel about your package and the connections they make when seeing it, which ultimately will influence their perception of your product.

Likes and dislikes about packages

Likes and dislikes about packages

What do people like and dislike about each package?

Presenting respondents with open-ended questions enables them to freely express their likes and dislikes about the package that previous questions may have missed.​

These open-ended responses also provide the context and underlying reasons behind the respondents’ answers to previous questions, allowing you to draw stronger and more insightful conclusions.

Quantitative FeedbackQualitative Feedback
Purchase intentAssociations
Compared price expectationsLikes
Ability to preserve contentsDislikes
Convenient and environmentally friendly
Channel of purchase
Quality and health ratings

Multiple KPIs for package evaluation

What attributes will the package be evaluated for?

Gather valuable insights from respondent ratings of your package design against a variety of pre-defined KPIs for a comprehensive assessment. Complement quantitative results with in-depth qualitative feedback from your consumers to determine the impact your package will have in the marketplace.

For a more tailored experiment, you may also opt to create a custom survey in which you can easily add your own specific set of KPIs on the platform.

Example Report: Packages​

This is a Market Test report containing the results of a Package Test conducted on potential packages.​​

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