Graphic Design Feedback

The visual design of a creative piece, whether it’s for a marketing campaign or a publishing project, is a key factor influencing the way the material is perceived and recognised. Details like font, colours and alignment can shape the overall feel and message of a particular media format, and thus graphic designers must be able to pinpoint and further refine specific elements of a design in a more human-centric manner.

This can be achieved by collecting feedback directly from a target audience to reveal their views and attitudes toward a particular graphic design. By having data on the effectiveness of a design, including its aesthetics and exact areas that are favoured or that might need improvement, your creative team can make more informed decisions in determining the best graphic design against known benchmarks. The Graphic Design Feedback tool is used for:

  • Finding the best graphic design for any creative purpose.
  • Comparing respondent attitudes to each graphic design.
  • Benchmarking graphic designs against good performers.
  • Receiving feedback regarding what respondents liked or disliked about your graphic designs.

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Comparison of graphic designs tested

Comparison of graphic designs tested

How does each graphic design perform relative to the others?

Several KPIs will be measured for each graphic design, including:

  • Originality.
  • How likeable the graphic design is.
  • How elegant and polished the design looks.
  • Whether respondents think the design would be fit for its purpose, such as outdoor ads, websites, brochures etc.

Taken together, these KPIs show how well this graphic design performs relative to benchmarks.

Graphic design associations​

Graphic design associations​

What are the first things that come to mind upon seeing this graphic design?

Determine how well a potential graphic design will fit with your objective by examining the associations that viewers make with the design. Discover how viewers really think and feel about your graphic design and the connections they make when seeing it, which ultimately will influence their perception of your design.​

Likes and dislikes about graphic designs

Likes and dislikes about graphic designs

What do people like and dislike about each graphic design?

Presenting respondents with open-ended questions enables them to freely express their likes and dislikes about the graphic design that previous questions may have missed.​

These open-ended responses also provide the context and underlying reasons behind the respondents’ answers to previous questions, allowing you to draw stronger and more insightful conclusions.

Quantitative FeedbackQualitative Feedback
Fit for purpose

Multiple KPIs for graphic design evaluation

What attributes will the graphic design be evaluated for?

Gather valuable insights from respondent ratings of your graphic design against a variety of pre-defined KPIs for a comprehensive assessment. Complement quantitative results with in-depth qualitative feedback from your viewers to determine the impact your graphic design will have.

For a more tailored experiment, you may also opt to create a custom survey in which you can easily add your own specific set of KPIs on the platform.

Example Report: Graphic Designs

This is a One-Click Market Research report containing the results of a Graphic Design Feedback survey conducted on potential graphic designs.​

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