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Businesses and designers are working more collaboratively than ever to produce graphic designs that stand out to consumers. The Graphic Design Feedback tool helps you include the most critical stakeholder in your design process- the consumers.

By directly testing up to five variations of your designs with consumers, you can:

  • Uncovers how consumers score your design variations on key metrics, such as likeability, originality, elegance, and polish.
  • Identify the parts of the assets that consumers like and dislike, without the need for live A/B testing.
  • Justify design choices with real data like emotional reactions to the designs and consumers’ open-ended feedback, summarised by AI.

Best of all, it is easy to run: Just upload your designs, select your audience, and go with it.

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Get feedback from real consumers

Get feedback from real consumers

Getting consumer feedback in the graphic design process helps ensure the graphic designs deliver the intended message and effects. This also helps designers refine the artwork and provide a positive experience when consumers encounter the assets.

Furthermore, the more businesses and designers know about their target consumers, the more the designs can cater to their needs and be at the forefront of captivating consumers’ attention.

Conclusions of overall graphic design performance

Conclusions of overall graphic design performance

Which graphic design should you go for?

Obtain conclusive results on the performance of your graphic designs across all the metrics tested.

The example study shows that Graphic Design 4 achieved satisfactory performance compared to other variations.

Standard assessment for each graphic design

Likeability, originality, elegance, polish, and summary KPI

How does each graphic design perform relative to the others?

Several KPIs will be measured for each graphic design, including:

  • How likeable the graphic design is.
  • How new and different the design is.
  • How elegant and polished the design looks.

Taken together, these KPIs show how well this graphic design performs relative to benchmarks. In this example, Graphic Design 4 is the most appealing design based on the summary KPI.

Likes and dislikes about graphic designs

Likes and dislikes about graphic designs​

What do people like and dislike about each graphic design?

Presenting respondents with image heatmap questions allows them to select parts of the image that they both like and dislike, then give open-ended feedback.​

These open-ended responses also provide the context and underlying reasons behind the respondents’ answers to previous questions, allowing you to draw stronger and more insightful conclusions.​

Emotions toward graphic designs

Discover what emotions your designs evoke

What emotions does each graphic design evoke in viewers?

​​Identify the top three emotions felt towards your graphic designs to ensure your designs stimulates the right emotions and positive connections.

In this example, Graphic Design 4 is the most suitable design to evoke happy emotions among viewers.

AI text analysis of graphic designs

AI text analysis of respondent feedback

What are the first things that come to mind upon seeing this graphic design? What improvements do consumers suggest for each design?

With cutting-edge AI technology, uncover rich insights from open-ended questions, including:

  • The associations that viewers make with the design.
  • Suggestions to improve the graphic design.
  • Additional ideas and comments that provide additional contexts for answers to previous questions.

The concise summaries of text responses give you a comprehensive overview on the effectiveness of your graphic design.

Example Report: Graphic Designs

This is a One-Click Market Research report containing the results of a Graphic Design Feedback survey conducted on potential graphic designs.​

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