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Discover the free survey tool developed by, a leader in product and pricing research. The tool offers unlimited access, allowing you to produce quick surveys with the following functions:

  • Extensive question types
  • No limit on number of questions
  • No limit on number of responses
  • No limit on number of surveys
  • Ability to share access with your colleagues and collaborators
  • Randomisation of questions
  • Redirect, screen-out, and quota logic (easily done in multiple choice questions)
  • Various templates to customise the look of your survey
  • Image standardisation tool to improve image consistency and appearance

Best of all,'s survey functionality is free of charge, allow you unlimited responses on any number of surveys. Should you require any of our advanced product and pricing research methods, upgrading to a corporate licence can be done in just a few clicks. You do not pay for the respondents you bring yourself, only for panellists that we recruit for you (if you ask).

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Build surveys with ease

Think about what you're hoping to achieve and what data you want to gather from your surveys. If you have a specific goal in mind when creating your questionnaire, it will be easier to choose the right questions and eliminate generic or irrelevant ones. To compile statistics about your customers and their buying habits, you might want to use simple checklists or multiple-choice questions. However, if you want to gather more detailed information, it's a good idea to use open-ended questions that give your customers a chance to share their views and ideas.’s clean interface ensures the survey-building process is as simple as possible, allowing you to choose from a number of question types, add custom questions, and format your survey with ease.

Build surveys with ease with's free survey tool

Find respondents anywhere in the world

Finding the right participants is crucial for getting the most out of your surveys. If you want to understand the buying habits of your customer base, you will want to choose customers that repetitively purchase your product, rather than those making one-off purchases. You may also want to choose customers from specific demographics, particularly if you are using your survey to gather data for a marketing campaign.

Our free survey tool enables you to choose the right participants for your study with the option of bringing your own respondents, targeting specific panel respondents, or using a pre-defined panel.

Easily find survey respondents anywhere in the world

Easy respondent experience

Your choice of questions will depend on the purpose of your survey. Start by deciding what data you want to gather. It's important to be as specific as possible, as this will help to tailor your questions. All questions should be concise and easy to understand. Choose unambiguous, plain language and common words that have a clear meaning. Take extra care to avoid words and phrases that could be misconstrued. Once you've created a set of questions, try testing the survey out on employees to see if they understand the questions. This will also enable you to assess how effective your survey is at gathering the information you need.

With, you can create user-friendly surveys, with a seamless questionnaire flow and effortless design to ensure completion is pain-free.

A friendly experience for survey respondents