Brand Name Test

One of the secrets behind a successful brand is a strong name that attracts customers and clearly conveys the brand's personality and purpose. Choosing a brand name without first testing it could potentially result in having to rebrand in the future. Apart from incurring unnecessary costs, businesses could lose potential revenue as rebranding efforts often come with certain risks, such as failing to retain customers due to sudden, confusing changes.

With such importance on brand names, it pays to conduct brand name testing to uncover how your ideal target audience responds to your potential names before launching. Increase the likelihood of your brand standing the test of time by taking the guesswork out of your strategy. For only USD 289.00, test your brand names in an online survey with 100 testers to help you select the best brand name that suits your business. The Brand Name Test is used for:

  • Finding the best brand name for your business.
  • Comparing respondent attitudes to each brand name.
  • Benchmarking brand names against good performers.
  • Receiving feedback regarding what consumers liked or disliked about your brand name.

Submit up to 5 brand names for evaluation and get your results prepared by Conjointly market researchers in PDF format in two days:

What you will receive from the Brand Name Test

Comparison of brand names tested

Comparison of brand names tested

How does each brand name perform relative to the others?

We measure several KPIs for each brand name, including:

  • How interesting the name sounds
  • How dynamic the brand would seem (as stated by respondents)
  • Whether respondents actually remember the name (recall percentage)
  • Trustworthiness
  • How new and different it sounds
  • Pricing perceptions

Taken together, these KPIs show how well this brand name performs relative to benchmarks.



What are the first things that come to mind when people hear about this brand name?

Likes and dislikes

Likes and dislikes

What do people like and dislike about each brand name?

Quantitative FeedbackQualitative Feedback
Pricing perceptionAssociations
Easy to rememberLikes and dislikes
Intent to learn more
New and different

Multiple KPIs for evaluation

Obtain quantitative and qualitative results with our pre-defined KPIs, or customise them with your own requirements.

Qualitative feedback word clouds

Qualitative feedback word clouds

Determine the underlying reasons behind your respondents' answers in multiple-choice questions to discover trends and keywords for any segment of interest.

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