Online Survey Research Panels

Online panels are prevalent as a fast, economical way for businesses to undertake accurate survey research. Panels are a targeted group of individuals who are profiled and screened by panel curators to ensure they fit the criteria of the business enlisting them. Panel curators facilitate panel sign-ups and sending survey invites to their members, which are hosted on external survey platforms, such as Conjointly. Respondents complete surveys in exchange for incentives offered by the panel provider.

Research clients’ persepective

For example, clients typically work with Conjointly to source respondents from panel providers in the following way:

  1. Conjointly platform provides estimates of panel costs and visibility when you choose respondents during experiment set up.
  2. Client selects their panel requirements and commissions their study with Conjointly.
  3. Conjointly sends out survey invitation to its network of panel providers.
  4. Panel providers, e.g. A, B, and C, send out survey invitations to their respective members.
  5. Participating respondents are redirected to Conjointly to complete the survey through the platform.
  6. Conjointly manages the data collection process, including elements such as response quality, and profiling.
  7. Conjointly rewards survey participants through their respective panels upon survey completion.
  8. Data collection process is now complete.
Clients' journey for sourcing respondents through Conjointly

Survey participants’ persepective

Respondents interact with our panel providers and the Conjointly platform in the following way:

  1. Respondents sign up to one or more of Conjointly’s panel providers.
  2. Respondents answer screening questions to establish their profile.
  3. Client selects their panel requirements and commissions their study with Conjointly.
  4. Respondents wait for a survey invitation from panel provider.
  5. Respondents are invited via email or pop-up notifications on their phones.
  6. Respondents answer screening questions and qualifying respondents begin survey.
  7. Respondents completing screening questions are either:
    1. Terminated because they do not qualify for the study (“screened out”) or because Conjointly has already collected enough answers from similar respondents (“quota full”), or
    2. Qualify for the study and complete survey.
  8. All respondents are redirected to the panel provider to receive an incentive for their time;
    1. Terminated respondents receive a partial incentive.
    2. Qualifying respondents receive a full incentive.
Respondents journey for joining panels through Conjointly

The Conjointly Survey Tool enables you to choose the right participants for your study with the option of bringing your own respondents, targeting specific panel respondents, or using a pre-defined panel.