Research Methods Knowledge Base

by Prof William M.K. Trochim hosted by Conjointly

Navigating the Knowledge Base

There are at least four options that I can think of for getting to relevant online material in the Knowledge Base:

Table of Contents

This is a standard hierarchical table of contents like the type you would expect in a textbook. It is the only navigational device that at a glance shows every page in the Knowledge Base.

Yin-Yang Map

This map is based on a graphic that, at a glance, provides an organizing rubric for the entire Knowledge Base content.  It separates the theory of research from the practice of research and shows how theory and practice are related.  this might be an especially useful launch pad for an advanced or graduate research methods course because of the strong emphasis on the link between theory and practice.

Road Map

This map is based on a graphic that shows the typical stages in a research project. It uses the metaphor of research as a journey down the research road from initial conceptualization and problem formation through the write-up and reporting. This might be an especially useful launch pad for an introductory undergraduate course because it concentrates primarily on the practice of research.

In the top margins on every page in the Knowledge Base there is a search bar. When you need to find information on a specific topic rapidly you should use this page. The search bar returns resulting links sorted from most to least relevant.