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Posted on 27 October 2020

Major industry players and small producers alike are increasingly under high commercial pressure from evolving consumer demands. These are driven by societal trends, such as naturality, sustainability, the changing structure of the household, the rise of DTC and home brands, and growth of developing markets, among others.

Consumer goods brands must be innovative and flexible with their pricing and products to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy demands. Responsive analysis of consumer trends provides an opportunity for companies to remain competitive in the ever-changing market. offers tools and support for product and pricing research that work to anticipate consumer trends and proactively respond to them.

We have translated years of research experience in the CPG industry into automated tools and high-touch research projects. Powering our service with specialised methodologies, we can help your brand succeed in the next wave of innovation.

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"Working with was a truly agile experience. Mondelez used the platform for an important PPA project for one of our core product lines. The expertise gave us the confidence to make several critical product decisions for the business."

Shopper Insights Lead, Mondelēz International
Melbourne, Australia

Predict market response and maximise revenue

The combination of distribution channels and pricing levels allows brands to control shoppers’ purchasing behaviour. Discovering what customers are willing to pay for your products allows you to determine the optimal price point for maximising profit, revenue, or market share. helps CPGs make accurate pricing decisions and generate a winning strategy in the market to capture the highest product ROI.

Market research for FMCG industry

Understand consumer preferences to gain market share

What emerging consumer needs exist? How can you benefit from smaller craft brands entering a fragmented market? In which consumption moments could you be relevant? Your product positioning plays a significant role in capturing shoppers’ attention and, ultimately, driving sales. Using to study the effect of packaging and claims on consumers’ preferences helps your brand increase conversions and better educate buyers about product benefits. We respond quickly to rising trends and recognise the popularity of certain claims specific to your market.

Streamline innovation to lead the brand growth

Strong competition in the CPG market is a driving force behind industry innovation. If your brand wants to be first to launch, you must constantly explore new product ideas.

Use to track rapidly developing categories and recognise opportunities ahead of large players. We assess pricing, promotional, and distribution strategies you should pursue at your NPD’s launch. Implement these findings to develop innovation strategies and build a data-driven battle plan.

Product development in consumer goods market

Optimise product portfolio to grow your category

When you manage a growing set of SKUs, it becomes more apparent to benchmark competition in the category. You must uncover the right range optimisation strategy to make the best decisions about retail partners, promotions, and pricing. We look at all features of the product before you invest heavily in a category. This gives you confidence to position SKUs in the right distribution channels with the right set of features to deliver the best ROI. platform makes market research easy

You get agency-quality results at a fraction of the cost and time investment. One powerful end-to-end platform for insights teams for fast and reliable market research.

Start now helped to save cost for Energy drink producer

FMCG Co currently produces DrinkMe, a narrowly-targeted energy drink, in five different packaging options across separate European markets. The company’s strategy team identified a cost saving opportunity from rationalising and combining factory facilities into a single location. The combined factory is able to produce only two packaging types.


  • As part of strategy review, the Insights Team identifies the need to check, which packaging options are most preferred by consumers.
  • They also wanted to know if preferences are consistent across the major markets.


  • FMCG Co performed Generic Conjoint, which included its 5 packaging options and 5 potential price levels in UK, Germany, and France.
  • Data collection of 250 responses per market lasted 2 days given the narrow targeting of the audience.
  • Generic Conjoint confirmed that packaging option E was most preferred across all major markets, even though option D was almost as popular in France.
  • The study found support for the streamlining strategy, helping deliver the pack options consumer wanted the most and save cost for FMCG Co.

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Agency-quality results using marketing science

Our methods are thoroughly tested and rooted in marketing science, which means you get agency-quality results at a fraction of the cost and time investment.

Agile platform with manager-friendly dashboard

We provide state-of-the art quality analytics to suit your business. From fully automated experiments on our platform to fully custom projects of any complexity.

Deep involvement and support throughout the process provides reliable support throughout the service to ensure your studies meet your research and business needs.

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