User-friendly automated tools

  • Choose a tool that will address your research question.

  • Set up your study with our user-friendly manager-oriented interface.

  • Choose your participants. offers multiple options to get participants for your experiments:
    • Buy directly from from $3 per complete quality-assured response (cost varies by respondent profile),
    • Bring your own customers or panelists from your company's list or favourite supplier,
    • Integrate a study into a larger survey on a third-party platform.
  • Sit back and let collect data from your respondents.
    • It works on mobiles, tablets, and desktops.
    • We automatically check for the quality of responses and filter out speeders and likely cheaters.
    • Typically, data collection with panel respondents takes only a couple of days.
  • will automatically analyse the data and prepare online and Excel reports that you can share with your colleagues.

  • If you need any support in the process or additional analysis, we are only one click away.

Custom projects

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