Text highlighter

Text highlighter questions do not support images. If you wish to gather feedback on images, use an image heatmap question instead.

Text highlighter questions are advanced survey questions that can gather up to five different types of feedback on any text. Standard text highlighter questions ask respondents to highlight segments of a text that they like, dislike, understand, or don’t understand.

They are useful in offering insight into consumer preferences regarding ad copies, marketing content, and written text. You can provide respondents with up to 5 different types of customisable highlighters. Our text highlighter questions also auto-generate text boxes, which would enable respondents to comment on their selections.

Respondent view

Text highlighter respondent interface

Text highlighter question outputs

A text highlighter question produces the following outputs:

  • A heatmap of the frequency of characters selected by respondents. The heatmaps are separated according to the highlight types specified. In the following example, they are Like, Dislike, Understand, and Don't understand.
  • Word clouds that show the most frequent words used in respondent comments. Click Show all responses to show the full list of responses, and click Hide all responses to toggle back to the word cloud.
  • Descriptive statistics of the number of highlights made by respondents.
  • The number of respondents who saw the question.

Text highlighter outputs
Text highlighter outputs

Setting up a text highlighter question

Follow these steps to set up a text highlighter question.

1. Add question

Navigate to the Add questions tab and click on the Add question button at the bottom of the page.

On the Add or import questions pop-out, select the Add a new question tab and click on the Text Highlighter question card to add it to the experiment.

Add text highlighter question to survey

2. Edit question options

Once you add the question, you can adjust the following settings:

  1. Insert the question text in the Question text field. You can also include formatting and images.
  2. Insert the text that respondents need to review in the Text for review field. Include any formatting as desired.
  3. Set the highlight types respondents can add by edit the textbox next to each option. Click Add option to add up to 5 highlight types.
  4. You may also change the highlight colour and set the force number of highlights that respondents must select.
  5. Determine the possible number of characters in comment that respondents can write by editing the From and To fields. By default, it is set to from 0 to 0, in which respondents are not allowed to provide any comment.
Text highlighter setup steps

Should you include multiple highlight types in a single question?

When the highlight types are related and mutually exclusive, such as likes and dislikes, having them in one question makes sense. Otherwise, separate them into multiple questions for greater clarity.

How to run a multi-language text highlighter question?

You can set up text highlighter questions and ask respondents to review text in different languages. To ensure the respondents are shown the correct version, just set up the display logic using the GETvariable locale.

Check out this detailed guide on how Conjointly supports your market research in multiple languages.