Setup survey flow controls

Survey flow controls can be added to surveys to set custom screen-out criteria, survey completes, response quality controls, and quotas.

There are three types of controls:

  • Screen out: Respondents are tagged as screened out and will not be included in analysis.
  • Complete survey: Respondents will be tagged as having completed the survey.
  • Flag as low quality: Respondents will be flagged as low quality and will not be included in analysis.

Unlike simple screen outs for multiple choice questions, survey flow controls can be used with advanced logic. For example:

  • Selecting one of multiple options
  • Answering a specific combination of choices
  • Numeric responses (e.g. targeting a specific age-group)
  • Qualifying based on answers to multiple questions

These are easy to set up on Conjointly:

Setting up controls

Follow these steps to setup survey flow controls for your survey.

1. Add the desired flow control screen

Click on Add question and add the survey flow control.

Add survey flow control

Optionally, add a custom redirect URL. Respondents who qualify will be automatically redirected to the URL. If left blank, they will not be redirected and will exit the survey.

Add redirect url

2. Set conditional logic

Click on the Edit logic button. Then, click on Add a new condition to bring up the conditions pop-up window.

Click on the “Condition based on answers to previous question” to add that condition. You can now select the question and logic using the drop-down menus.

Multiple conditions can be combined by adding a second condition using the same steps as above, and setting the combination rules by clicking on AND or OR

You can then click on Return to question set-up to exit the logic set up screen.

Add conditional logic to a survey flow control

3. Set a quota (optional)

Enter the number of respondents you want in the Quota field. Qualifying respondents after the first N qualifying respondents will be directed to the flow control screen.

For example, a “Screen out” control is added for Female respondents with a quota of 50. The first 50 respondents who answered that they are female will be allowed to continue the survey. After that, female respondents will be screened out of the survey.

Set quota on a survey flow control