Adding groups of concepts from one simulation to another

The Group of concepts function allows you to easily link concepts from other simulations into your current simulation. The linked concepts will dynamically update when changes are made to their base scenario, automatically adjusting your simulation.

A common use case for this is adding in a group of competitor products into scenarios where your own product portfolio has been adjusted. This allows your to ensure that all competitor SKUs are consistent across your scenarios.

For example, BrandCo was investigating how to optimise their product portfolio, while seeing how any of their changes could impact the preference share of their largest competitor, Fresh Soda.

Two groups of concepts in simulator

BrandCo then identified six of Fresh Soda’s products to be included in each of their simulations. They created a new simulation, including each of the competitor products at their real world prices.

Two groups of concepts in simulator

To use the Group of concepts function:

  • Navigate to the simulation tab that you want to add concepts into.
  • Click the Advanced settings button at the bottom of your screen.
  • Scroll down and look for the Groups of concepts tab. Click on the drop-down menu and select the scenario which consists the concepts you want to add.

Now all the concepts from BrandCo’s Competitors SKUs simulation have been added into the Existing Products. If BrandCo chooses to make any adjustments to the competitor SKUs baseline scenario, their new scenario will dynamically update to include these adjustments.

Adding group of concepts from another scenario