Simple block

Simple block can be used to group survey questions into set of questions. You can move block easily and set the display logic once which apply to all questions within the block.

Setting up a simple block

Follow these steps to set up a simple block:

1. Add a simple block

Navigate to the Add questions tab and click on the Add question button at the bottom of the page.

On the Add or import questions pop-out, select the Add a new question tab and click on the Simple block question card to add it to the experiment.

Adding a simple block to the experiment

2. Organise the simple block

Once you add the block, you can:

  • Click-and-drag to move the block.
  • Rename the block.
  • Click-and-drag questions into the block.
Simple block setup

Respondent view

Respondent view of simple block questions

Simple block outputs

The simple block outputs are subject to the questions included. Aside from question outputs, the simple block outputs also includes the number of participants who saw and answered each question within the block.

Simple block outputs