Setting up quotas

You can set quotas in your experiments to collect a certain number of responses and prevent oversampling. Here are three intuitive ways to specify the quotas based on your conditions.

Method 1: Add survey flow controls

You can add the quota controls to specify the number of qualifying respondents, and redirect or screen out the remaining respondents.

Method 2: Enable Autopause function

You can also limit the number of respondents entering your survey using the Autopause function by following these simple steps.

  • Open your experiment and click on the Advanced settings tab.
  • Under the Autopause heading, check the Enable autopause box.
  • Enter your preferred number of respondents in the Desired number of responses field.
  • Click the Save Changes button on the bottom-right of your screen.
Enabling autopause allows you to limit the number of respondents entering your survey

Method 3: Add quotas based on answer choices

You can set quotas based on additional questions, allowing you to set quotas for specific subgroups:

  • Launch Settings menu by clicking the button next to the attribute/s you wish to set a quota for.
  • Select Redirect (if quota is met) from the Action menu.
  • Specify the Quota size (and optionally Redirect URL ).
Setting a quota based on additional questions

In the example above, our survey will stop accepting male respondents, once the quota of 150 is met.