Available Question Types on Conjointly

This guide outlines the question types, blocks, and alpha feature questions available On Conjointly and how you get the most out of them for your next experiment.

Types of questions

Learn about the question types available on Conjointly and how to include them in your survey.


Blocks help you efficiently organise your survey questions. Learn about the three different block types and how they work.

Alpha feature questions

The α alpha feature questions are new and still in development. So please use them at your own risk.

Types of questions



What are the optional settings available for every question?

There are three optional settings available for every question:

  1. Show Go Back button, which allows respondents to return to the previous question.
  2. Force respondents to stay on this question for a certain duration to ensure that respondents properly consider the question and choices.
  3. Display this question if…, which only shows the question to respondents if the specified conditions are met.
Optional settings for each question

How to set up screening logic

Simple screen out criteria can be set up using the screen out feature on multiple choice questions. For more advanced screen out logic, use survey flow controls.