The number question type is useful to obtain numeric responses from participants. Some common examples are age, income, height, and weight.

Respondent view

Respondent view of number question

Number question outputs

Number questions produce the following outputs:

  • Descriptive statistics including the minimum, mean, 10% windsorized mean, median, mode, maximum, and standard deviation for the responses.
  • The range of possible values.
  • The bar chart showing the distribution of responses.
  • The number of participants who saw the question.
Number question outputs

Setting up a number question type

Follow these steps to set up a number question type:

1. Add question

Navigate to the Add questions tab and click on the Add question button at the bottom of the page.

On the Add or import questions pop-out, select the Add a new question tab and click on the Number question card to add it to the experiment.

Adding the number question

2. Edit question options

Once you add the question, you can adjust the following settings:

  1. Insert the question text in the text box. You can also include formatting and images.
  2. Tick the required question? checkbox if you would like respondents to answer this question before proceeding further.
Number question setup