Multiple choice

Multiple choice questions is one of the most common question types used as multiple choice questions are quick and straightforward to answer. Their results are also easy to analyse.

Respondent view

Respondent view of multiple choice question

Multiple choice question outputs

A multiple choice question produces the following outputs:

  • The bar chart showing the percentage of respondents who selected each option.
  • The number of participants who saw the question.
Multiple choice question outputs

Setting up a multiple choice question

Follow these steps to set up a multiple choice question:

1. Add a multiple choice question

Navigate to the Add questions tab and click on the Add question button at the bottom of the page.

On the Add or import questions pop-out, select the Add a new question tab and click on the Multiple choice question card to add it to the experiment.

Adding the multiple choice question

2. Edit question options

Once you add the question, you can adjust the following settings:

  1. Insert the question text in the text box. You can also include formatting and images.
  2. To change the option text, edit the textbox next to each option. To add formatting or images to each option, click on the settings for that option. Then check the “Add fancy formatting and pictures to card” checkbox. You can then add formatting or images to the option.
  3. Click on Add option to add additional options.
  4. You can also add an Other option by clicking the Add other (with text input). Respondents who select this option will be prompted to type in their answers.
  5. You can add a None of the above option by clicking on Add None of the above. None of the above will always display under all other options.
  6. Change the number of options respondents can select by editing the From and To fields. For example, If you would like them to select only one option, the setting will be from 1 to 1.
  7. The order in which options are shown to respondents can be set to be fixed, random, or flip (left-to-right and right-to-left).
  8. You can also set the number of columns of options shown in the question.
Multiple choice question setup