Interactive Excel simulator

Apart from the user-friendly online simulator, Conjointly also allows you to export an interactive simulator into Excel by adding it to your export cart. Click on the Add more outputs dropdown menu on the right side of the export cart and click on the Interactive simulator option. This will add the Simulator tab into Excel:

Export the PowerPoint presentation

Additionally, you can explore its inner workings by looking at the hidden sheets labelled SimXXX. For example:

  • Sim1 contains individual preferences.
  • Sim2 translates the simulator parameters into 0s and 1s.
  • Sim3 is a matrix obtained by MMULT of Sim1 and Sim2.
  • Sim4 to Sim6 calculates the individual share of preference through the multinomial logit formula: EXP(A1)/(EXP(A1)+EXP(A2)+…+EXP(An)).

How do I perform segmentation in the Excel simulator?

You can create segments in the Excel simulator by adjusting the Weight of each respondent within the Individual Preferences tab.

By default, the weight for each respondent is 1, meaning that all respondents are included in all simulations. To create a new segment, the weight for each respondent will need to be set to 1 to include them within the segment, or 0 to exclude them.

Preference share simulator: segmentation by weight

Can you build a custom Excel simulator?

Yes, preference share simulators are commonly customised for specific conjoint studies. It is particularly useful for more complicated types of conjoint analysis.

These files are often created and used in Microsoft Excel or as online dashboards. We provide an example conjoint simulator file on Google Sheets (which you can copy to edit).

The Conjointly Excel Plugin helps with charting Conjointly outputs, including simulations charts from the Conjointly online simulator (scenario modelling and price elasticity charts), colouring for TURF analysis, and other useful utility functions.