How to integrate with a survey tool

Even though it is easy to run your whole survey completely on, you can use in conjunction with a different survey tool. Tools like Decipher, SurveyMonkey, and Qualtrics allow you to redirect users in the middle of a survey on their platform to For example:

  • Respondents start answering a survey on your survey platform,
  • At some point, they are redirected to,
  • They complete the experiment on,
  • (Optionally) they are then redirected back to the other survey platform and complete the survey there.

To make it work smoothly, you need to ensure the IDs and other respondent variables travel to and back to your survey platform. Here is how to make it work:

  1. Make sure you have a shareable link enabled on For example, you will see:

  2. Take note of what variables your survey platform wants to pass on to and receive back to match the respondents to their respective survey flow. For example, consider the following variables: id and gender.

  3. Insert a customised shareable link back to your survey platform. Refer to the instructions from your survey platform about how they prefer to pass on the data to us (also know as “GET variables”). For example,[id]&gender=[gender].

  4. Set up redirect links on Make sure to put each variable in square brackets. For example, http://another.survey.platform/complete?id=[id]&gender=[gender] and http://another.survey.platform/screenout?id=[id]&gender=[gender]. (Learn more about GET variables.)

  5. Done! You are ready to launch the experiment and set up the survey on your other survey platform.

Note that if a particular variable is not passed to, respondents will still be redirected back to the other survey platform. For example, if id is 12345, but gender is omitted (like here), respondents will be sent to the following address: http://another.survey.platform/complete?id=12345&gender=undefined.

Redirects to and from SurveyMonkey

Please refer to SurveyMonkey docs for information on passing values from to SurveyMonkey.

You can also pass respondents from SurveyMonkey to, but SurveyMonkey currently appears unable to send their IDs to (refer to the “On, show a custom end page” option in the SurveyMonkey docs for latest information). If you need to match respondents between SurveyMonkey and to analyse segments or individual-level preferences, you might be able to do so by IP and/or timestamp.

Redirects from and back to Typeform

To redirect from Typeform to, you can use redirect after submission function, which allows you to pass variables to

If you redirect from to Typeform, you can use hidden fields.

Redirects from and back to Qualtrics

Qualtrics has a compatible method for redirecting to and from studies. Please refer to Qualtrics docs for details. Particularly, if you want to save Qualtrics ID to and pass it back to Qualtrics, you will need to:

  1. In Qualtrics (to redirect to, specify${e://Field/ParticipantID}.

  2. In (to redirect back to Qualtrics), specify[IDpassedFromQualtrics].

Redirects from SurveyGizmo

Please refer to SurveyGizmo docs for information on passing values from SurveyGizmo to With SurveyGizmo, there is no way for respondents to return to the same survey. Instead, if you want respondents to come back to SurveyGizmo, you can redirect them to a different survey. SurveyGizmo supports GET variables in a similar fashion to

Are you looking for other ways to integrate Please get in touch and we'll be happy to help.