Uploading External Variables

If you have a dataset that contains information about your respondents (for example, their demographic profile) and you want to use that data in segmentation, you can upload the dataset into Conjointly.

After response collection, you can upload your data to the list of participants. You must ensure each respondent has a unique variable to be used for matching, such as id or email address, in order to correctly match the data to each participant. When linking experiments, this is often performed through passing a GET variable when respondents are redirected between surveys.

You are able to upload external variables as either a .csv or .txt file, where each row represents one participant and each column represents one variable to be uploaded. The image below shows an example of external variables, where respondents will be matched using the ID number column as their unique identifier.

A CSV file containing external variables

To upload external variables to your experiment:

  • Open the Insights tab in your survey report.
  • Click the Review participants button.
  • Click the Upload external data button located at the bottom-left of the screen to prompt the external variable upload wizard:
Uploading external variables to survey report

In the wizard:

  • Drag and drop either a .csv or .txt file containing your external variables.
Upload external variables: Step 1
  • Select the matching variables for both datasets. These values must be identical across both datasets.
Upload external variables: Step 2
  • Wait for the variables to upload. For large datasets, allow a few minutes for the upload to complete.
Upload external variables: Step 3

Use in segmentation

Once external variables are uploaded, they are can be accessed in multiple places. For example, you are able to use the uploaded data points for segmentation of your report within the online dashboard. These segments can then be used with the online simulator.

Using external survey participant data for segmentation

View in the list of participants

The variables are available within the participants list for your report:

Using external survey participant data for segmentation

View in Excel output

The external variables are also included within the Excel output of your report, under the Respondents tab:

Using external survey participant data for segmentation