Exporting your experiment design

You can download your experiment design in CSV format to see an overview of the choice tasks the respondents will see.

Downloading your experimental design

To download experimental design of your survey:

  • Open your experiment and click the Advanced settings tab
  • Click on Conjoint survey options to expand the box
  • Click Download experimental design
  • Your file will be generated for download.
Downloading experimental design

Interpreting your experimental design

Within your survey design:

  • Each Block represents the full set of conjoint choice tasks a respondent will be randomly assigned to.
  • Each Choice set represents one page of choice tasks that the respondent will make their choice within that block.
  • Each Alternative represents a randomized set of conjoint attributes.

Please take note that the following are randomised during the fielding of the study:

  • the order of questions (for each respondent),
  • the order of alternatives (in each choice set for each respondent,
  • the placement of respondent into blocks