How to Compare Results Across Segments

Crosstab is currently an α alpha feature for Generic Conjoint and coming soon for other tools. Have you got any suggestions for how we can improve the crosstab report? We are always looking for feedback, so feel free to get in touch!

Using segmentation to investigate how preference differs among different groups of respondents is a vital step in maximising overall preference for your product portfolio.’s Crosstab feature has made comparing over segments easier than ever, helping you find the difference between segments in only a glance.

Interpreting Crosstab results

The Crosstab report automatically generates once you create multiple segments within your report. The tab contains three subsections: attribute importance, preference for levels, and marginal willingness to pay.

Attribute importance

The first section displays the attribute importance for each segment, as well as all responses. The bars represent the total importance score for each attribute, while the green and red background indicate the positive/negative difference of the segment compared to all responses.

Crosstab Output 1 Attribute Importance

Preference for levels

The next section shows the preference for each attribute level for all responses and each segment specified. Each bar is again scaled to the value size, and the red / green colour represents the negative / positive deviation from all responses.

Crosstab Output 2 Preference For Levels

Marginal willingness to pay

In this tab, the output displays the marginal willingness to pay for different attribute levels across each segment. Similar to the previous sections, the size and colour of the bars represent the value size and deviation from all responses.

The marginal willingness to pay is calculated relative to the first level in each attribute, which is left blank.

Crosstab Output 3 Marginal Willingness To Pay

Export to Excel

Want to perform further analysis offline? You can select any of the Crosstab report components to Quick export as either .csv or .xlsx format.

Quick Export for Crosstab Outputs
Looking to perform further analysis on your segments in Excel? The Excel Plugin contains methods custom built by to make analysing and visualising the difference between segments easier than ever!