How do I add images to my survey?

Conjoint.y supports the use of pictures in a variety of popular formats (JPEG, PNG, etc.).

Upload images for conjoint attributes and levels

You can insert images for each level through the format level text button:

Uploading images for conjoint attributes and levels on platform

Upload multiple images for conjoint levels at once

Multiple packshots can be easily added directly from PowerPoint and other file formats through + Add multiple levels at the bottom of each attribute:

Uploading several images at once for conjoint levels platform

Upload images to additional questions

You can insert images by clicking insert image button in the additional questions:

Uploading images to additional questions on platform

Image optimisation utility

If you have multiple images as part of the inputs for your study, it is important to ensure that the images are consistent across the study. For that, we would recommend using the Image Optimisation tool for the best results.

  • Click the Utilities option from the left-hand menu and select Image optimisation.
  • Upload your images by clicking the grey rectangle and selecting from files or by dragging your images into the same space.
  • Continue to Step 2 and select which images you want in your survey.
  • Continue to Step 3 to edit image size, spacing, and background colour.
  • Continue to Step 4 to complete image optimisation process and click the “Download zip” button on the bottom-left to download a .zip file of your optimised image files.
Uploading multiple images to survey using the Image Optimisation tool on platform

Frequently asked questions on images used in experiments

What file type should I use to upload my images?

All common image files extensions such as JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIF are supported on the platform.

Is there a file size limit to the images that can be uploaded?

No, however, for a more robust experiment we recommend that all your images be optimised and standardised so that images of products of different sizes can be more accurately compared.

You may use the image optimisation utility on the platform to optimise and standardise your image.

How can I let the respondents see the fine details on my packshots?

You can enable zooming or magnifying glass when uploading an image so that the respondents can see the fine details on your packshots.

Enable zooming for images

Zooming will open the packshot in full size when the respondents click on the image while magnifying glass will magnify a certain part of the image when the respondents hover the mouse cursor over the image.

Do not rely on small details as not all respondents will spend enough time on each image in detail.