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What does example supermarket sales data look like?

In conjoint analysis, when you want to accurately predict volumes, it can be helpful to calibrate conjoint preference scores to actual market volumes. For that, we need to use week-by-week supermarket sales data, which comes from third-party data vendors.

Below is an example data excerpt to demonstrate the format of such data. In it, each row corresponds to sales of a particular SKU (including brand, packaging, and size) in a particular week in a particular channel (such as a supermarket chain).

WeekSKUChannelWeightValueUnitsDistributionAverage selling price% of units sold on promo
5 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$16.2 M5,182 K97%$3.120
12 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$16.7 M5,589 K95%$2.9920.00%
19 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$16.8 M5,388 K99%$3.120
26 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$16.9 M5,630 K99%$3.0017.45%
2 Nov 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$17.8 M5,720 K100%$3.120
5 Oct 2020Pepsi - Pepsi Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$19.9 M6,456 K96%$3.090
12 Oct 2020Pepsi - Pepsi Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$20.3 M6,583 K98%$3.090
19 Oct 2020Pepsi - Pepsi Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$20.8 M6,734 K99%$3.090
26 Oct 2020Pepsi - Pepsi Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$21.0 M6,805 K95%$3.090
2 Nov 2020Pepsi - Pepsi Cola - 50ml - canTesco50ml$18.7 M6,036 K97%$3.090
5 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 100ml - bottleTesco100ml$25.0 M5,955 K97%$4.190
12 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 100ml - bottleTesco100ml$28.1 M7,082 K96%$3.9723.00%
19 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 100ml - bottleTesco100ml$23.1 M5,506 K96%$4.190
26 Oct 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 100ml - bottleTesco100ml$26.5 M6,319 K96%$4.190
2 Nov 2020Coca-Cola - Cola - 100ml - bottleTesco100ml$26.1 M6,225 K97%$4.190

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