My research requires customisation. Can you help with this?

Yes, we will gladly help you with any customisation required. However, if your study requires a customisation of respondent interface and you have css (style sheets) and JavaScript ready, you can import it into the study directly:

Adding the customisation

  1. At the bottom of your experiment setting, click the Other actions button.

  2. Select Customisation in the options shown.

Select the customisation
  1. A pop-up window will appear showing the following code:
The customisation window
  1. Paste the code from above into the function (within the curly braces { })
Adding the customisation code
  1. You can add notes on lines starting with //, this may be useful especially if customising multiple inputs within one survey.
Test, test, test. All customisations should be thoroughly tested before data collections begins.
Customising the respondent interface on Conjointly by uploading CSS and JavaScript

Types of customisations

You can customise your survey styling with CSS or JavaScript with jQuery extensions.

Common customisations