How do I pipe in answers from one question to another?

Piping logic is available for multiple choice, constant sum, and some other types of questions. First, you need to have several options to be set up in a previous question. Then, in the subsequent question:

  • Click Import from this experiment .
  • Under Available sources, choose the question from which options will be sourced.
  • Tick either:
    • Only show this option if it was chosen in the original question or
    • Only show this option if it was NOT chosen in the original question.
  • You can optionally click Replace all current items with the ones imported above (if you want to erase the options in your subsequent questions and only use the ones piped in).
  • Click Import .
Piping logic in action

This operation will paste the options and will set up conditional display logic for the different options.

For a conjoint analysis studies, the way levels are displayed can also be conditional upon answers to other questions. See conditional display logic.