Navigating through the JSON interface

On our platform, survey can be coded and copied through JSON scripting. You can copy survey script from one experiment to another just with a few adjustments in JSON, without having to rebuild a similar experiment from scratch. The advantages of JSON format used in our experiments are the following:

  • Construction of identical experiments in almost no time
  • Ease of composing new experiments by combining previous experiments’ parts and questions.

In order to navigate to your experiment’s JSON script you should go to SettingsQuestionsOther actionsView as JSON. The following video demonstrates the above-mentioned procedure and the structure of JSON scripts, by making use of a single multiple choice question example inside a broader block of questions.

Accessing JSON script

Each particular block, question and answer have their own individual ID number, which can be found next to the id component. It is always the case that answers are nested inside questions and questions are nested inside blocks. Across a complex and dense JSON script, the questions can be identified by following the first ID after the block node until the item component’s closing square bracket.

Please see below how you can find, copy, and implement your JSON script from one experiment to another.

Steps to implement JSON script to another experiment

The same technique would apply to Randomisation and Monadic Blocks: in order to paste them from a different experiment, you can just copy the JSON script for selected blocks of questions and bring it to your new study.