Can I use MaxDiff to evaluate projects internally based on various metrics (e.g. urgency and fit for business)?

Yes, that is feasible. For optimal results, we recommend using the following settings:

  • Set attribute/level images to zoomable:

    • Click Format icon under the Attributes and levels module in Basic settings
Formatting image as zoomable
  • Set the number of alternatives to 3 per choice set:

    • Click the Advanced settings tab and select “3” from the “Conjoint survey options” drop-down menu under the “Conjoint survey options” module.
Setting the number of alternatives per choice set
  • Force respondents to evaluate the options for at least a few seconds:

    • Click the Advanced settings tab and tick the “Force respondents to read conjoint questions” option under the “Response quality warnings” module.

    • Enter the number of seconds you wish to force respondents to evaluate for in the “Minimum time to review conjoint alternatives” response form.

Forcing respondents to evaluate questions for a minimum amount of time