I have many attributes that I need to test (more than six). Is it possible?

The system practically does not limit the number of attributes. However, respondents will find it difficult to process the information on more than 6 attributes because of the high cognitive load. If you do have a need to test a dozen or more attributes we suggest one of two options:

  • First, run a screening survey to see what attributes respondents rank high (you can do a multiple-choice or a Likert scale question type for that). Second, run a conjoint study with the top-ranking attributes.

  • Alternatively, you can employ partial profile conjoint analysis, which can handle a large number of attributes because not all attributes are shown to participants at the same time. Please contact us to arrange this type of study.

This question from our users was answered on 20 September 2019. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.