How many attributes can I test in a conjoint survey?

The general rule of thumb is to include no more than 7 attributes in a conjoint study because including more than 7 attributes will impose a substantial cognitive load on respondents, especially when they are accessing the survey via a mobile device. If your attributes or levels description is lengthy, we recommend either make the description more concise or include fewer attributes in the study.

If you do have a need to test a dozen or more attributes we suggest one of three options:

  • First, run a screening survey to see what attributes respondents rank high (you can do a multiple-choice question or a Likert scale question type). Once you get the winning attributes, you can use these in a conjoint study.

  • Alternatively, you can employ partial profile conjoint analysis, which can handle a large number of attributes because not all attributes are shown to participants at the same time. Please contact us to arrange this type of study.

  • Another way is to use MaxDiff to narrow down the number of attributes to the top 5-7 most important ones. Once you have identified these attributes, you can set up a Conjoint using only the top attributes identified earlier.