How many attributes can I test in a conjoint survey?

The general rule of thumb is to include no more than 7 attributes in a conjoint study because including more than 7 attributes will impose a substantial cognitive load on respondents, especially when they are accessing the survey via a mobile device. If your attributes or levels description is lengthy, we recommend either make the description more concise or include fewer attributes in the study.

If you do have a need to test a dozen or more attributes we suggest one of three options:

  • First, run a screening survey to see what attributes respondents rank high (you can do a multiple-choice question or a Likert scale question type). Once you get the winning attributes, you can use these in a conjoint study.

  • Alternatively, you can employ partial profile conjoint analysis, which can handle a large number of attributes because not all attributes are shown to participants at the same time. Please contact us to arrange this type of study.

  • Another way is to use MaxDiff with just one attribute “Features” to narrow down the number of attributes to the top seven most important ones. Once you have identified these attributes, you can set up a conjoint using only the top attributes identified earlier.