How to use Image Optimisation Utility?

You can use the built-in image optimisation utility on the Conjointly platform to easily upload images of SKUs for your experiments that are optimised and standardised. This allows you to easily upload all images in bulk and the standardised images also allow the respondents to have a better visual context of the difference in the products’ size.

Step 1: Under the SKU block, click the beside Add level , then select Insert multiple levels from images

Image optimisation step 1

Step 2: Select the images of all SKUs that are to be tested and click Continue

Image optimisation step 2

Step 3: Select the images that are to be tested, here you can also adjust and standardise the size of the images so that they are proportionate to their actual size difference.

Image optimisation step 3

Step 4: Select the modification you would like on your images, if any.

  • Ticking Add text and wrap in standard formatting would automatically use the file name of the image as the name of the SKU and place it above the image.

  • Ticking Allow respondents to zoom in will enable the zoom feature which allows respondents to click on the image to expanded version to see the finer details of the image.

Image optimisation step 4

Step 5: Click Upload into your experiment, the images will be uploaded as separate SKUs and ready for further use.

Image optimisation step 5
When not in an experiment, you can also use the image optimisation utility under Utilities on the side bar to create optimised images, the images will instead be generated into a zip file for download.