How to set the number of characters respondents can type?

Conjointly allows controlling response quality by specifying rules for individual questions. One of these rules is the limit on the number of characters in open-ended questions such as paragraph input or short text. The use of character limitation in surveys can potentially:

  • Makes the question optional or mandatory to be answered.
  • Restrict the length of the answers especially when respondents have the chance to give their lengthy feedback in detail.
  • Collect better quality data since respondents will be forced to provide concise answers.

Whether, when and to what extent the character limitation should be applied, depends on the study context.

The process of applying such a rule is shown below:

  1. Go to the Additional questions tab of your experiment
  2. Select the question you wish to enforce character limitation
  3. Input the range of number of characters under the Possible number of characters
Setting characters limitation