How to reset reports?

Reports may be recalculated automatically or manually in several ways:

Additional sample coming in

Every time your survey gets a new response the platform will give you the option to recalculate the report. A message on the top of the report of your experiment will appear telling you that more data has been collected and the actual report doesn’t include all of it. At the end of the message a Re-calculate this report button will appear.

Reset Reports 1

Changes in which respondents are “included in analysis”

If you modify the respondents included in the analysis, for example if you exclude some respondents, the platform will show you a message on the report page with the button Re-calculate this report :

Reset Reports 2

Changes to the width of confidence interval

If you change the width of confidence interval of the study and save the changes, the report will be automatically reset.

Change confidence interval level

To reset your report manually

If you want to reset your report for any reason you may also do so manually by modifying the URL of your report and adding /reset. Your URL should look like this[EXPERIMENT NUMBER]/reset (Where [Experiment number] refers to your experiment’s unique number)

When you navigate to that URL you will see a page with the following message: “Click here to re-calculate your report”.

Reset Reports 4