How to manage mail-outs through external email providers?

If you have an email list of customers that you wish to invite to your Conjointly survey please consider the following tips to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Include tracker for each respondent

Your mail-outs should include a tracker that allows you to quickly search and track each response to the particular respondent when the survey is concluded. This can be easily done by creating unique links for each respondent in your mail-outs.

Include completion/non-completion messages

All types of responses (e.g. completes, screenouts, quotafulls, and low quality) should have an exit page with the corresponding message, this helps to maintain the professionalism of the survey and is especially important if a certain reward was promised at the end of the survey. Here are some sample messages that you can refer to:

  • Complete - Thank you for participating in this survey. Your response has been recorded successfully. We will review your answers and be in touch with you through the email that you provided should you qualify for the reward.
  • Screenout - Thank you for participating in this survey. Unfortunately, you do not meet the criteria for this survey and thus, will not be able to continue with the survey. Thank you for your interest and participation.
  • Over Quota - We have met the quota required for this survey, we thank you for your participation.
  • Low quality - You have been screened-out due to low quality response, we thank you for your participation.

Sending reminders

For participants who did not respond to the email immediately, we recommend sending a reminder within three days after the initial send-out.

Throttling the invites

If you have a large number of recipients on your mailing list, we recommend that you send out the invites in batches to avoid jamming up the system. As a rule of thumb, set a limit to send out a maximum of 50 invites per minute in your mail-outs managing service provider.

Including disclaimer/non-disclosure agreement

If your survey includes sensitive information (such as product concept, mock-up illustration, etc) you may include certain disclaimer or non-disclosure agreement as a question in your survey and only allow participants who agree to the terms to proceed further. You should consult your legal adviser on the disclaimers or terms of the agreement to be included.

Collecting email to facilitate incentives

You may include incentives to your mail-out list for successful completion of the survey to encourage participation, some examples of incentives are gift card, a raffle, promo code to your product or a lucky draw.

In such cases, include a question to ask for the email address (or address) to facilitate the incentives.