How to interpret brand preferences chart in brand-specific conjoint?

You can interpret the relative performance of brands via the brand preferences chart in brand-specific conjoint. You can assess the chart via Brand preferences under Insight tab

Interpreting brand preferences 1
  • Each violin-shaped plot shows the scores of different combinations of features within each brand/SKU
  • The diamonds in the middle of the violins show median values.
  • The width across each violin shows how scattered are the scores of different concepts.
  • In areas where you have a wider violin plot, that’s where you have more concepts (similarly, fewer concepts in areas of narrower violin plot)
  • In the example above, you can see that Kea Rocketta has more concepts on the lower end while Maruda Maru II and Ladina Klubnika has a relatively evenly distributed spread.
  • You can compare the chart with the Ranked list of product concepts as preferred by customers below to get a better understanding of the spread. Again in this example, Kea Rocketta has two concepts on the low end and one concept on the high end, which results in a wider plot on the low end.
Interpreting brand preferences 2