How to get the individual answers for diagnostic questions from a Claims Test or Product Variant Selector?

In order to see respondent-level data, to see what each respondent answers for each claim (in a Claims Test) or product variant (in a Product Variant Selector), for each diagnostic questions, you can begin by downloading an Excel report.

You will need to cross-check multiple sheets in order to navigate the Excel report, here are the guidelines:

Under Respondents tab

participant_id refers to the unique ID for each respondent

Respondents tab

Under Diagnostic questions tab

You will see list of questions here, correspondent to the question id, id

Diagnostic questions tab

For example, we see that id = 190854 refers to the question titled Influence on society (Five Point Likert-Scale question)

Example of Diagnostic questions tab

Under Diagnostic items tab

You will see diagnostic_question_id which corresponds to the id in the Diagnostic questions tab and question_id in Diagnostic responses tab

The column id here refers to the option ID (refers to the answer options you have for each of your diagnostic questions)

Diagnostic items tab

For example, we see diagnostic_question_id = 190855 (which refers to multiple choice question) has option coded 1, 2, 3, and 4, which corresponds to the option Choice 1, Choice 2, Others (specify), and None.

Example of Diagnostic items tab

Under Diagnostic responses tab

Here are what each column represents

  • type - Type of question. e.g. Intro, diagnostic-question, paragraph
  • subtype - Sub-type of question, depending on how you set up your diagnostic questions. e.g. fivePointScale, multipleChoice
  • LseqNum - Codes for each level, corresponds to List of levels tab

You will also see id here, which corresponds to answerID in Diagnostic response items tab. Each id here corresponds to a unique question-level combination.

If your question subtype = fivePointScale, you may look at the response under answer column.

If you question subtype = multipleChoice, please check under Diagnostic response items tab.

For example, id=262311921 here refers to the multiple choice question 190855 for Claim 8 (LseqNum=8). In order to find the response for id=262311921, we need to check the Diagnostic response items tab.

Diagnostic responses tab

Under Diagnostic response items tab

For each answerID, you will have a few item_IDs which corresponds to the id in Diagnostic items tab.

In order to see the respondent’s answer, you may filter on value = 1 for each item_ID.

Diagnostic response items tab

For example, we see that for answer_id = 262311921, the answer (the one with value=1) is item_id = 559377, which we can trace back from Diagnostic items tab. The answer is Choice 2.

Example of Diagnostic response items tab