How do I combine multiple experiments?

You can easily combine experiments by creating them separately and connecting them through redirects.

To connect experiments:

  • Open the experiment that you want respondents to see first.

  • Open the Advanced settings tab and select the Redirects upon completion module.

  • Paste the link to the second survey in the URL for complete responses form.

Adding a redirect to a survey

How do I inform respondents that they will be redirected?

You can inform respondents that they will be redirected to another page for the second survey by changing the survey completion message;

  • Open the Select and edit template tab and select the Page title and common text module.

  • Enter your new survey completion message in the Thank you message at the end of the survey field, e.g. “Please wait while you are being redirected to the second part of the survey.”.

Please note, the default message is “Thank you. Your responses have been saved”.

Changing the survey completion message for survey redirect