How to apply conditional display logic to Gabor Granger experiments?

In some of your experiments, you may want to display Gabor-Granger price levels conditionally based on other information, such as answers to previous questions in the survey, GET variables, or on other levels in the same conjoint alternative.

Some common applications of conditional display include:

  • Conditional pricing with a promotion attribute.
  • Conditional pricing based on a price attribute and a pricing structure attribute.
  • Regional information, e.g. a brand of store that has unique names for different regions.

To set up conditional display logic for Gabor-Granger experiment:

  • First, click the button of the price level to access its advanced display settings
  • Click Add display logic to this item and specify the condition that you want to use (e.g. answers to previous questions, GET variable, or to apply a set of conditions )
  • Specify the rules of condition for the price level

In the example below, the survey aims to conduct a Gabor-Granger experiment in several target countries, suppose that you want to display a certain price level to only respondents from a certain country, you can do this by applying additional display logic and only show the price to respondents who are from that country (asked as an Additional Question earlier)

Example of applying conditional display logic to Gabor-Granger