How have respondents answered questions that they have not met logic requirements for?

Sometimes within your survey, you will see that certain respondents have answers saved for questions that they did not meet the qualifying requirements for.

For example, imagine that you were conducting a survey on hot beverages. One of your questions asks respondents if they consistently drink coffee. If they say yes, there is a further question asking what type of coffee they typically drink. Looking at your data you see that there is a respondent who states that they do not drink coffee yet has answered the next question on which type of coffee they typically drink.

This results from a respondent selecting an answer, then using the back button multiple times to change their previous answers. From our example, the respondent may have stated that they do drink coffee consistently, yet after answering a few questions they decided to go back multiple times and change their selection to not drinking coffee. This will result in having a response saved for the respondent’s coffee preference, even though they do not qualify for the question.

We choose to save these answers to retain the most complete set of results possible. The results can easily be filtered to only show answers that have been correctly qualified for through the Excel export.