How can I strengthen my account security?

Also: How can I enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) on my account?

We highly recommend enabling 2-factor authentication on your account to strengthen your report protection.

  • Click your Username in the top left-hand panel, select “Security Settings” and besides “Two Factor Authentication (2FA)” click “Turn On”.

Enabling 2FA to strengthen your account security

  • Follow the prompts to manually enter the displayed authentication code or scan the provided QR code using Google Authenticator (available via Google Play or Apple Store) to generate a 6-digit numerical code to enter.

Generating a 6-digit numerical code to verify your account

  • Click “Verify” to activate your 2-factor authentication. Your account is now secured.

This question from our users was answered on 20 October 2019. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.