How can I ensure high quality survey responses?

All responses on Conjointly are checked for signs of fraudulent or inattentive behaviour. Respondents are automatically marked as low quality if the following signs are present:

  • Short length of time spent on the full survey (e.g. 20 seconds),
  • Short length of time spent on each conjoint choice set (e.g. 1 second),
  • If a mouse is present on the device, but we do not detect movement of the mouse,
  • If scrolling is required to read the full question, but no scrolling occurs,
  • If certain unlikely answers are provided in open-ended questions.

During your experiment’s setup, there are several options available to help filter out low-quality respondents: Click the Advanced Settings tab and expand the Response quality management and Response quality warnings modules for more options.

Here are some settings that you can enable to improve the quality of your responses:

  • Anonymise responses - to comply with privacy standards. This setting should not be used if you want to record respondent details.
  • Disable respondents from the same IP address - prevent duplicated / fraudulent responses with the same IP. This setting should not be used if you are surveying employees of a particular company.
  • Disable respondents from the same cookie - prevent duplicated / fraudulent responses using unique “cookies” for each response.
  • Terminate low-quality respondents early - prevent respondents from answering randomly.
  • Filter for sloppy text input - filter inattentive respondents such as low character count / gibberish characters detected).
  • Filter for duplicate text responses - filter duplicated text responses from different participants. This setting applies to all open-ended responses of more than 50 characters.
  • Accepted device - prevent respondents from answering with a non-accepted device. By default, any mobile device and desktop are accepted.
  • Ask respondents to share browser location - to obtain more precise respondents’ locations.
  • Warn respondents who do not scroll enough - to ensure that respondents pay attention and properly consider the question and choices.
  • Warn at-risk respondents once - to warn low-quality respondents once before termination.
Additional response quality options in Advanced Settings

You can also specify a separate redirect for low-quality respondents:

  • Open the Redirects upon survey completion module under the Advanced settings tab.
  • Insert the re-direct URL in the URL for low quality responses field.
  • Click the Save changes button at the bottom of your screen.
Redirecting low-quality responses in Advanced Settings