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How to apply conditional display logic to conjoint levels?

In some of your experiments you may want to display attribute levels conditionally based on other information, such as answers to previous questions in the survey, GET variables, or on other levels in the same conjoint alternative.

Some common applications of conditional display include:

  • Conditional pricing with a promotion attribute. See example below.
  • Conditional pricing based on a price attribute and a pricing structure attribute.
  • A product image that depends on multiple attribute’s levels.
  • Regional information, e.g. a brand of store that has unique names for different regions.

To set up conditional display logic for an attribute level first enter the advanced display settings, then click Add Conditional Logic and specify the condition via Add a new condition, and what to display.

Conditional logic for conjoint levels

To remove a conditional display:

Conditional logic for conjoint levels

Example implementation: Pricing structure example

Consider a cell phone pricing study where the phone may be purchased for a one-time payment, or through 24-month financing. This will require two pricing attributes in addition to the other attributes included in the experiment:

  1. Price structure
    1. One-time payment
    2. 24-month financing
  2. Price levels: $696 through $1,320

When price structure is one-time, the price may be displayed as entered (default view), but when the structure level is 24-month financing, the price must be displayed as a monthly price, e.g. $50 / month for a price level of $1200. For each price level, we create a conditional display to show the monthly price instead of the total.

Conditional logic for conjoint levels

Respondents will now see the price in the appropriate format.

Conditional logic for conjoint levels


Exercise caution when using conditional display logic with variables from outside the conjoint exercise. Conditionally displayed levels should not vary substantially from respondent to respondent.

Conditional display based on multiple (more than two) attributes can require high numbers of conditional logic entries.

This question from our users was answered on 8 August 2020. If there is anything else you'd like to know, please do not hesitate to contact us.