How to set up screener logic?

To ensure relevance and robustness of insights from your survey research, it is important to invite respondents that are relevant and representative to your survey. The most common methodology to ensure the relevance of the target audience is to build a robust set of screening questions to help you filter out participants who do not fit the criteria of your study. Here is how you can set up such screeners on Conjointly.

Conjointly enables its users to screen out respondents according to their answers when completing their surveys. This procedure can be either simple or complicated based on complex logical conditions.

Simple screen out based on a single answer choice

In the former case, it is possible to screen out respondents due to a particular given answer by simply clicking on the gear button (set up action for this option) next to all potential answers and choosing one of the many existing screening criteria on Action section. The process is illustrated below:

Simple Screening Trimed

Note that the you can verify that an action is enabled when the button is green.

This route covers the simple cases:

  • Screen out if a specific answer is chosen
  • Screen out if a specific answer is NOT chosen

Advanced logic

Some cases are too complex to be handled with a direct screen out action, such as:

  • Screen out based on more than one answer to a multiple-choice question
    • If none of several choices is selected
    • If a specific combination of choices is selected
  • Screen out based on numeric responses
  • Screen out based on answers to multiple questions

For more complex screen out logic, use the advanced survey flow controls feature.