How to easily align images and product names?

When you are setting up a Brand-Specific Conjoint or a Brand-Price Trade-Off, it is important to ensure the SKU images and product names are aligned well. Here are some tips that you can use to perfectly align your SKU images and product names.

Use Add SKU names below images function

If you have uploaded the packshot images without inserting the names of the SKUs, you can easily add the names in and aligned with the pack shots images by using the Add SKU names below images function.

To align images and product names:

  • Click on Other actions
  • Click on Add SKU names below images, this will open up a drop-down list of all attributes that have images uploaded to them
  • Choose the attribute that you wish to add the names to and click Add Names
  • The text in the input space of the attributes will be automatically copied to the bottom of the image and center-aligned to the image.
    Add name

Use Match paragraph height function

Another way that you can easily align the names and images of the SKUs is by using the Match paragraph height function, in the example below, the names and images are initially misaligned due to the different lengths of the SKU names, by enabling Match paragraph height , the names are now aligned properly, giving a more streamlined presentation of all the SKUs.