Quantitative Market Researcher/Research Manager

Conjoint.ly is on a mission to automate market research. We are a Sydney-based provider offering quantitative research services to big and small companies (mostly in USA and Europe). Through automation, we slash costs and increase speed for our clients, but maintain a human connection and high research quality. As we grow (in number of products that we offer and in clients’ awareness of us), we need a passionate quantitative researcher to join our team remotely.

This job wins over working for a normal market research firm for the following reasons:

  • We aim not to do the same thing twice. If it needs to be repeated, we must automate it.
  • We are recognised as experts in the research methods that we do and clients will listen to your advice.
  • You will have opportunities for professional growth as fast as our operations grow.

Your role will not be limited to a single area and will include:

  • Research on projects commissioned by clients. As a key client contact, you will support them from proposal to delivery of results on some of the most complex and interesting custom projects
  • Customer support and advice: Helping our users do the best market research on our platform, including consulting them via email and over the phone
  • Marketing: Preparing marketing materials and case studies. Overseas trips may be required for conferences


  • Passion for quantitative market research
  • 3+ years of experience at a market research agency or in-house data science or insights function
  • Excellent skills in:
    • Statistics. For example, you must be able to explain to a client what Hierarchical Bayesian computation does (this is daily part of the job)
    • Excel. Being able to make a client-friendly customised models (e.g., preference share simulators)
    • Common market research methods (e.g., conjoint, of course)

Application process will consist of the following stages:

  • Send your CV and cover letter to research@conjoint.ly
  • Two or three interview rounds, including a phone interview, IQ tests, practical tasks in Excel and other software
  • Reference checks

Please contact us for any questions about the role.