Tree growing between spiral staircase as a carbon offsetting initiatve is the first market research platform to offset carbon emissions with every automated service provided to clients.
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Carbon offsetting is already gaining mainstream acceptance in air travel, consumer goods, and package delivery, where there is a direct and tangible link between a specific activity and carbon emissions.

The time is right for the market research industry too

Market research also contributes to carbon emissions through activities like:
  • air conditioning of office spaces,
  • flights to industry conferences,
  • computationally heavy analytics,
  • office space cleaning.
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What inspired to do it?

Our clients in the FMCG/CPG industries release more and more eco-friendly products and test them on before offering to the market. follows the lead of our clients in the consumer goods industry, many of whom have tested eco-friendly products on our platform this year. Overall, our research found sizeable segments of consumers who are seeking out ecological products. We anticipate that globally there will be more eco products launched in 2020.
Nik Samoylov, Founder of
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How it works

With each purchase on our system, we procure carbon offsets (parcels of RECs, or Renewable Energy Certificates, issued by wind farms and other offset producers).

There is no increase in the price of offerings (such as automated tools, survey testing, and predefined panels of survey respondents).

Details of purchases are available to you (example).

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and the process of carbon offsetting?