Kano Model of feature selection (with free Excel template)

Posted on 8 August 2020 Harrigan Davonport

The Kano Model is used to analyse consumer preferences for different features and group them into multiple categories. This allows firms to identify which features they should focus on when developing a new product.

The Kano Model categories are as follows:

Category Explanation
Attractive Often called delighters these are features that customers do not expect, but make them very happy
Must-be These needs are hard requirements, if you do not meet these requirements your product will fail
Performance Sometimes referred to as one-dimensional these are features that simply increase satisfaction the more they are fulfilled
Questionable This category is for responses that are not logical, for example satisfaction increasing when a feature is both added and removed
Indifferent These are features that a respondent does not necessarily care about, including or excluding does not change satisfaction
Reverse Reverse features refer to features that result is dissatisfaction when implemented.

This Excel template takes the output from a Conjoint.ly experiment and performs Kano analysis to determine the classification of each feature being tested. The survey used to gather this data asked both a functional and dysfunctional question for each attribute in the following format:

How would you feel if [feature] was included in [product]?

  1. Love it
  2. Expect it
  3. Indifferent
  4. Tolerate it
  5. Unhappy

Download Excel template

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