How to do segmentation

Posted on 30 October 2018 allows you to apply segmentation to any kind of report. The report can be split by different types of variables:

  • Respondent information recorded by (such as location and device type).
  • Additional questions: Questions that you ask under the “Additional questions” (e.g., multiple choice or open ends).
  • GET variables
  • Externally supplied variables

How to do segmentation

  1. Under “Segmentation” tab, click on “Add segment”:

    Adding a segment to a study on's platform

  2. After naming your segment, click on “Add condition”:

  3. Next, you can select the type of information to segment the report by. In this example, we use an “additional question” about the type of cars, and “Select the values that match” with “Big” as shown below:

    Selecting what information determines segments in the survey report

  4. You can add another segment simply by repeating the above steps. Once you are done, click on “Save and apply these segments” in green and the system will apply your segmentation. Please allow for a couple of minutes for the segmentation tab to appear.

Interpreting segmentation results

Results for each segment will appear in a separate tab.

Interpreting segmentation results in the survey report

Note a couple of things in the example above: * Under Big cars segment, we can see the number of responses within the segment (in this case, we have 18 responses out of 43). * There is a warning when number of responses in a particular segment is low. recommends having at least 100 responses per segment for robust results.

The “Compare segments” tab provides an overview of segmentation (for conjoint and additional questions):

Comparing segments provides an overivew of segmentation

How do you check the conditions for a segment?

You can check the conditions for your segment under the “Segmentation” tab. You can select the segment that you are interested in on the left and review the conditions set for that segment will be displayed on the right:

How to check conditions used in segmentation